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Choosing a style to preserve the equity is a difficult decision to make. Using this guide, we will help you simplify the problem at hand.


It's important to set a budget and make sure to stay within the range of the budget.

Space And Layout


Storage Space

Space designed with your needs and organization methods in-mind.

Cabinets and Countertop

Surfaces designed to compliment your kitchens look and go in hand with the cabinets you may have installed already or another style in mind.


In addition to Lighting, Appliances determine you homes electricity bill. Often times it makes sense to upgrade to newer appliances as they provide energy savings.


The materials you choose in your kitchen remodeling project play a vital role in setting the room's mood. When faced with a variety of choices, it's difficult to determine what fits our taste and utility best. Here at Savchuk Remodeling Pros, we make it easier and present choices with your taste in mind while taming your costs.


Although it may not seem important, it plays a vital role in completing the overall look and utility. Perhaps you'd like for the floor to be able to handle liquid surfaces, be heated, or so, etc. These components are also a factor in price.

Keep in mind the house doesn't increase in value, therefore you shouldn't overspend on your house. A more cleaner house is more attractive to buyers that are looking to permanently move into a fast growing city. Watch the video below from investors in Austin purchasing a 5,000 home and transforming into a modern house.